During Last Deepavali Holiday, I went to my friends hometown, which is Klang and stayed there for 4days 3 night.

With my friends car.. we travel south from Kuala Terengganu, then west to Klang.

Before we went there, stop by at McD for lunch.. haha..

First time to see a MCd flag… swt… Never know it exist. haha..

New burger.. haha..

Went to jusco at Bukit Tinggi Klang…

hmm.. what is this mean? haha..

My host… or tour guide? haha.

tour guide house is full of surprise… full of comic book

Han, your favourite..


Went to I-city that night

Some view on I-city…

Fell that I’m gonna sick for lack of vitamins… so i brought this^^

Tried a new food called 菜包 in klang.. its kind of like 菜糕in penang but got tauge inside and the skin more 弹性。

went to 佛光山东禅寺at klang..


Make a wish?

After that went to Pulau Ketam! hoho.. on the boat:

Pulau ketam’s jetty.

Went to eat Crab crab ^^ sorry Mr.Crab ;p

fun fact: road at pulau ketam are named 一马路,二马路,etc…

TM point at Pulau Ketam? haha..

THis is what I had for dinner that night… swt.. my friends mom cooks so many! She said boys should eat more and give me extra rice and a big bowl of sup… really ate till full that night.. haha..

Next day morning: went to eat bah kut teh at klang… Klang famous with its bah kut teh.. dunno why.. there are two kind of bah kut teh, dried and sup.

then We went to Klang KTM train station and heading to KL.. yahoo!

Some scene at KL

The place we are heading is actually Central Market

Inside central market

There was an exibition that day.. looks like 跳蚤市场for me..

Time Square KL

Biggest Nikon Shop/centre I saw so far..

Trip ends… How to say… NIce trip though… haha…

Today was quite busy actually… After back from class about 7 reach home, and still got my homework haven’t done.. guess will do midnight oil for that later :)… and decided to do this…
To: Kholi
I cannot teach u how to play guitar in person, so i guess this is the best i can do for u, hope u succeed in playing guitar and maybe we can play together next time ^^

1: Guitar u should be intrested is acoustic guitar which is as picture below.

2: Acoustic guitar normally is for singer who sing along and play guitar at the same time. I told u before I am learning classical guitar but actually I know both (basic)

3: U should be prepare because acoustic guitar are metal strings! and compare to classical guitar, nylon string, you will suffer more at the beginning (left hand finger) for holding the string! and this is the MUST process for all beginner guitar player.

4: You must sacrifice your left hand’s nail, need to be as short as possible. and for person like us with long fingernail, after u cut it short u will know ur skin around fingertip is very weak because its protected by fingernail all the time.

5: I advice u to get a guitar If u really want to learn, reason is very simple. Learning instrument isn’t hard, just it need time to practice. A teacher can teach a student 30min guitar lecture and the student can practice it for whole week, if u want to master it u really need an guitar, and if u want to buy i suggest u get Yamaha acoustic guitar, cheapest one about RM350, dun buy those cheap cheap, u finger will suffer more later =)

6. Get a guitar pick. I got 3 pick actually, u want i can give u 1.

6: If u are ready to start learn here is the lesson, which i learn basic acoustic from:

7: Justin is a kind person who offer guitar learning lesson online free =) and most important basic u should becareful of  is your posture, make sure your posture is right (he will teach u) and good basic will help u alot in future.

8: you can start it by first video but when u have a guitar can directly learn chord, first chord would be “D”

9: follow his lesson, and when u are at stage 3 u already can learn many many songs =) for me I jump jump a bit de, i only learn what is needed for certain song because i was rushing to learn that time ;p chords i know are ” D A E G F Am Em …” after u know this 7 chord u are ready for many songs =) enjoy.

(and for my friend who is currently in japan, yes its u Han ! lol… this post is not for u actually, but since u already finish reading it.. hmm.. nvm ba… thanks for reading as well)

About one and half month I working In GL computer accessory shop.. hmm… Knew some friends there.. They are all funny… some still kid. Together, we laugh, play, eat…

The shop is a very amazing shop, all inside there are pro’s.. Computer pro!

Software pro,

My supervisor, manager, CEO, or many many other name (like account department manager, etc…) lol…

Honestly my main purpose working there is to fill my free time, learn precious knowledge like computer repair, troubleshooting, and more about IT stuff… hmm.. I am now quite pro in printer repairing and modifying printer^^ (beh paiseh..) lol… I gonna miss them haha.. but my life still have to go on.. hmm… Just seems to have so much fun with them.. especially everyday after close the big door, we all gather around counter there and chat ^^..

Hmm… really has been a long time i didn’t update my blog already… seems that the wordpress itself got many changes.
Today I am going to talk about the E story, what it means by E? and why i choose E as the story name?
E stands for EPF or in other word, KWSP, its a place that i had been doing internship for 2 month time.. the intern had ended about 1 week already but i guess it haven’t too late for me to update it^^ lol…

This is my place, with a comfortable chair, a windows xp pc a side desk (combined with my desk form a L-shape {han ur favourite} ) haha…

If i turn my head to right side, this is what i see, my department’s manager seat…

This picture taken when the dinner at sunway carnival mall for celebrating our branch get the best in country.

After that went to watch Pirate of the XXX 3

Sometimes on friday I drive tru McD and eat it at office. This is the glass free during last time promotion.

Pulau Jerejak trip with all EPF staff, family day~

Swimming pool at the resort there… I went to swim as well.. lol…

A small gallery showing some photo of the old time pulau Jerejak that used to kept…

my phone GPS showing my current location.

The ferry that took us here and back. A half day trip ended..

2 month working there without salary… hmm.. nothing bad though… good experience for me.

It has been about 2 years since I came to this university, in other word, I had enjoyed or suffered 2 years of University life.. ha… As my course Is only 3 years course, means for the next semester, I will be 3rd years student.

So as the seniors are going to retire, the books are passed to junior (like me^^)
There are about 10 seniors and only 3 junior in second year(including me)
So as you can see from below… this is the book I received from senior…

It is not just many… Its too many… the book and notes passed to me is not only for the final year, but for 1st, 2nd, 3rd years.. and there are about 5 sets of it… The one I not needed I’ll sure pass it to junior after I packed it when I free… lol…

Compare to my 2 other coursemate, my book and notes are always the most… Still remember last year about this time (that is when I am first year and about to step into second year), I even got receive book from 3rd year.. (it means I 越级?)ha…

Some books I really like it and decided to keep it myself for future use (maybe?) Just to let u know, higher level mathematics books are really expansive…. reason: The knowledge is high! (according to my lectural) For example, a book with the thickness of our form 6 mathematic book (pelangi) with hard cover cost about RM100!!! Some I brought it my own and some I receive from senior…

Personally I prefer Original one, the reason is simple, because its nice! the colour are attractive, paper is high quality, words are in colour, got colour diagram, etc… However, the only weakness is that it is heavy, since I had another photo copy from senior, what I did is: Book I keep at home and only used at home, while I bring the thin and light Photocopy to class^^ (how clever I am huh) beh pai seh haha…

So how about U? do u receive any books from senior?

Starting from today, 27 march 2011, till 1 April 2011, I officially announce that I am sealing my laptop away and will not open it till the date I stated, besides urgent cases like homework, checking mail, etc. See ya in April bye~

Again… I am technical group again.. ha… but this time didn’t take group leader already… (a bit lazy and buzy.) So, my friend take it and I help him..

See this picture also know I am the one guarding these..

Left is my friend(group leader, and right is かわいいの staff)

During the evening nothing to do (as no rehearsal, I helped her fill in the 彩炮)

Way to put in the material I didn’t mention here.. wanna know can ask me ^^

This is the event list and I rewritten it in hand, its all about which program i should play what song, when should use this sound effect, etc… (all sound effect like opening sound, bgm are all downloaded by me^^)

went upstair to take a peek inside the main control room (this room control the projector and live shooting, to switch camera, etc…) wa… Super COMFORTABLE!!! big kusyen chair with aircond and big LCD TV!!! wtf.. I sit down there on plastic chair!!!

Actually I also do not know the MacBook Pro is used to do what… But look at the size of it I know it is not cheap…
I just know it used to put flash object (added to live shooting one)

On my way back to my place… sleek into VIP room ha… this is really LUXURY room!!! cannot imagine the hall could got such luxury place.. its like HOTEL!!!

This was just one of the room.. and there are more room bigger than this!!

I am quite Important that night actually.. I guard two walkie talkie (one is used to contact important AJK such as chief of stage, programmer, etc.. another is to contact the control room as picture above..) wonder how i could listen both? the Kenwood one (among AJK de) i use earphone, another one didn’t.

lol… that one looks like me.. but not me.. and Only used my laptop. another one is my friend put there charge de…

that night’s event got sand drawing:

変かお? 变脸..


and… etc…

Hungry… take out my last piece of pizza from freezer and toast it for dinner…

brought this last time I went shopping.. This pack comes with two piece of pizza it sold about RM9.

cut half and put it inside oven..

and now.. its finish toasted… and eating now..

Today went to cut my tentacles hair in the town area, and after that went for shopping. Discover one pc accessory shop in Mydin Mall got sell these kind of mini and ultra thin pendrive. This was the thinnest others are almost like this but got a cover that can rotate (make it thicker and i don’t like it) Then Discover this:

“This is the last one, If u don’t buy later other people buy it already” said the promoter.. Well, that kind of trick won’t work at me.. After thinking a while (seems its so cute) then I brought It.. I was wanted to buy 4GB one and this is it.

Inside the package..


After combine all the part together:

However, i am not using that blue cover (because I put that inside wallet, and adding the skin would be too thick..)

Brought one box of 8kg kam.

and some Nian Kao. ^^ gift to my sensei.

That Mini pendrive of mine is brand” PNY” Behind say its USA company but I really never heard of this brand before..

After studying at UMT for more than one years… first time I went to other faculty to have lunch.. hmm… Wat to say? more than one year staying here, i got few words to describe here: Robbery often happen!
The robbery i mean is not due to crime or criminal. For example… Now if go library, mathematics book rack, i think got about 5 rack, all book related to the course i am taking now, u can count by one hand, not because of the library does not have book, is that people “robe it”…

Another example is: Recess mostly is at 1p.m. If u go to canteen in my faculty (FST, faculty of science and technology, I gurantee u!! 100%, rice will sure have, but … vegetables, chicken, meat or any other things are barely left… Still remember last time I ate White Rice + few drops of curry! (no choice, very hungry that time..) They even rob food…

Now as I am the class monitor of academic writting skills, heavy responsibility.. I had been running to FPE more than FST.. note: Fpe is Faculty of Economic management.. (some reason is to see my japanese sensei)

And now… First time to enter language lab (its a computer lab actually) and I just knew it.. coz never enter it before.. ha..